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Things I never thought to see in my lifetime: The Chicago Cubs won the World Series.

There is seriously nothing left on my sports bucket list. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this.

But I do think that if Uncle Rich had lived to see the Series this year, I think he would have enjoyed it.

Oh sweet Christ on a cracker

There is just way too much stuff. I seriously need to rethink this whole Adult thing. Because holy shit, all the things that have happened since I last posted.

The house was inspected at the end of August. There was nothing particularly egregious, so we were able to move forward. It was a lot of hurry up and wait. Because lawyers and finances and shit.

For Paul's birthday, I had bought him tickets to go see Weird Al when he was at Proctor's. I am still in love with that man's talent. He puts on an amazing show. And even way in the back of the theatre, still amazing seats.

For our wedding anniversary, we went on a long weekend vacation. So of course, that meant a cruise. Left out of New York and went to New Brunswick in Canada. We had an amazing time. We were, as usual, well fed and well liquored. I was so glad that we had a good group of other couples at our table in the dining room. We got along rather well. New Brunswick was lovely. We stopped in St John, which is on the Bay of Fundy. And I had the most amazing lobster roll there. I don't even like lobster all that much. Why is it that if I want the most amazing anything, I have to leave New York? Most amazing burger I ever had was in Puerto Rico. Best lobster was in Canada. I will be all out of fucks if I ever have better pizza than New York pizza. Which isn't even possible.

We closed on the house on the 21st. And we've been on a spree of cleaning before moving since. Yesterday I spent a good hour cleaning the kitchen. This morning we cleaned out the storage unit and all the stuff that was in there is now in the garage at the house. This afternoon was spent cleaning in the bathroom and in one of the bedrooms while Paul raked in the yard. Half the yard = 5 leaf bags from Price Chopper. Tomorrow looks like another round of bathroom cleaning and raking after I have a doctor appointment. Soon. This will be over soon. Maybe. I hope.

And I'm going to be an aunt. My sister in law is pregnant, which excites me. At least, I am excited when I am not exhausted from all this house stuff. But trust me, I am excited. I am just too tired.

Aug. 19th, 2016

Because I can't end anything on a good note....

My uncle, Rich Murphy, died on Thursday morning. After three years of picking a fight with a brain tumor that was going to win in the end, the brain tumor won the fight. I expect to be scarce and running low on spoons.

Link to the obit:

I am done with this year. I would like a refund. No, I FUCKING DEMAND a refund.

And if I thought my ankles could take it, I would go stabby stabby in the near future. But they can't.
So here's a thing.

This past Thursday, we went to look at a couple houses. One was a decided "Fuck THAT noise" and the other was decidedly "Meh. Nice, but meh." Paul pokes at the interwebs when we get home and makes an appointment to see another house on Saturday evening.

So we looked. We made an offer. The offer was accepted on Sunday. The lawyers do the lawyer thing and Paul met with the mortgage guy to do mortgage things.

Holy shit, we're buying a house.
So. There have been many hours at work, many hours of yoga, and all sorts of things. There has also been adventure time and many hours spent in the car.

At the end of June, I was totally going to have Adventure Time and try out a new mountain up at Lake George. That didn't happen. Mostly because Vicky was not appreciative of the unpaved road. However, it was not a complete loss. Any day spent at the lake and ends with a new leather jacket and a Valley Cats game...that is a good day. There will be other days for Adventure Time and I'm considering it.

I've been working on head and handstands in yoga. I haven't been to that class in a while though for a variety of reasons. I intend to fix that. Cause I'm like thisclose to being not freaked out about being upside down.

Last week the family was up at the lake for what is likely to be the last time. For the first time in decades, there's a decent chance there will be no Murphys or Mercurios at the lake next year. It's too much of hassle for my parents to bring my grandmother. She's 91, and she has like, less than zero clues about what's going on if it isn't in the routine. She just has no idea who's who or what's what. My mother gave me the okay to just shoot her before she gets like that. (and given the state of affairs in the world, I would probably get off with no jail time. because white on white doesn't matter. /snark)

And Uncle Rich is actively dying. Could be weeks, could be months. But I don't see him making it to November. Or much past that. I'm strangely okay with that. Probably because this is a long time in coming. Anyone* with a cancer diagnosis gets a 50/50 shot of making it, and we always know this would kill him. Now we just wait. I suppose I should have a bag packed for when it happens.

*Well, anyone except for me. I wasn't even supposed to have cancer. That was an accident.

Jun. 23rd, 2016

Hey look, my ancestors made it onto Jeopardy! yesterday.

Category: Americana
Clue: An old burial ground in Rhode Island contains the grave of Elizabeth Pabodie, daughter of this Pilgrim couple.

(I would like to point out that Trebek pronounce "Pabodie" incorrectly. It's pay-buddy, not puh-bow-dee. Silly Trebek, no biscuit!)

On a completely unrelated note....if you ask about what kind of calculator you will be provided with for your exam, that's well and good. But then don't tell me you'd like the model of the basic no-frills calculator so you can practice with it for your accounting exam. You will get all the judgy feels from me. And they are not flattering.
I had to remind myself that I am a goddamn grown up. Because I went all giggly 13 year old. Which is weird, because I was never a giggly teenager. Whatever.

So this guy was in for the GRE, and he looked vaguely familiar. Then I looked at the name. And I did the whole "Well, I'll be goddamned" thing. It was a guy I was in freaking grade school with and totally adored. Probably my first honest to God crush. Haven't seen him in 20 years. But he remembered me. That made me feel all squishy. And giggly. I have been extra dorky all day because of it.

I'm off the low iodine diet. I've been eating myself stupid since Friday. That and the wild variations in the weather triggered a migraine on Saturday. That was unpleasant. The food likely triggered the nausea I had been feeling all day on Saturday. Weather took care of the rest. I am so grateful for Excedrin Migraine. It is a happy thing.

Still haven't finished my handout for my class at Roses. Eh, it's only Tuesday. I requested Friday off. I am not above pulling an all nighter to finish it off and making copies on Friday. Not above that shit at all.
I have been reduced to whining in tongues. The low iodine diet has been kicking my ass so hard that I'm shouting about how bad I need a cheeseburger in horrendous Spanish.

We all know how bad my English is. Dial it up to 11 for an idea of how terrible my Spanish is. My Spanish teachers would either be very proud that I retained anything. But they would be disappointed that this is what I am reduced to. I'm just saying.

However. Today I was dosed with radioactive iodine. Friday I get scanned. Friday is also the day when I will be gorging myself on all the cheeseburgers. And fish. And ice cream. And coffee made as God intended.

Playing catch up

Yeah, there's been a lot of stuff going on and I am a bad blogger. It's been a mixed bag the last couple weeks.

So let's do this thing.

All bets are back on for the fall this year. There will be no mad dash to New Orleans for me, at least not this year. Two days after I found out about it, my sister in law miscarried. My brother called me the day it happened. I knew it couldn't be good cause he called in the middle of the work day. Bugger it all.

Paul and I went on an overnight getaway Easter weekend to Lake George and stayed at the Sagamore. It is obscenely pretty. And I mean that. It is epic. I would love to stay there in the summer sometime, but it is some serious cash right there. It's just so bizarre to see the town so empty. I'm so used to it being so busy and what not, even in the early fall, it's a bit eerie. Not much was open, but it was a pleasant getaway. Very pleasant.

And then I was on a 2 week suspension from work. Long story short, I was a dumbass. But I was able to use those 2 weeks and take a step back from stuff. Did a lot of hot yoga. And I do mean a lot. There's a lot of hot yoga to be had when you have 2 weeks of not very much else to do. I was able to do a couple of the workshops that the Hot Yoga Spot has been offering also. I'm eyeballing a couple of others that are coming up, but it's a bit up in the air. There's a barre workshop next weekend, but I don't know if I can make it. Which brings us to the next point.

It's Low Iodine Diet time! I started back on the 2nd, and it's going until the 14th. I'm having a much harder time with it this go round. Much harder. I don't even know why. It's just tougher this time. I am getting scanned on the 14th and then I intend on gorging myself on every piece of dairy, seafood, and soy product I can get my grubby little hands on. All of it.

Also a thing, Paul ordered us a couple of FitBits from Woot last week. It's been neat. Tracking steps and calories burned and what not. I can definitely tell which days I've been at work and which days I haven't. I'm very lazy when not at work. Or in yoga classes. Because I am steadily working on handstands. I can do the thing. And because I can track my weight with the FitBit, I apparently lost 5lbs since last week. Probably because I can't eat anything I want. I want all my food back goddamn it!

And I think that catches us up. There is much click bait on YouTube. Don't know if I've ever mentioned that. And I've been dreaming very vividly this week. I blame the lack of dairy.

Mar. 20th, 2016

So those seeds I planted earlier this month? We can has sprouts! Many sprouts!

What has sprouted so far:
Thai basil
Lavender (finally, after all these years of trying to grow my own damn lavender, I have finally achieved sprouts)
Cumin (new this year)

I am very well pleased.

And I think any and all bets are off for things come November. I may need to be in New Orleans. To meet my niece or nephew. My sister in law is pregnant!

Well, I got married first; LT can have the first crack at babies.


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